“Your lifestyle is a marketing and branding of your personality… DON’T CHOOSE IT RANDOMLY!”

URID is your high-end modern fashion in exclusive designs and fabrics for Men, Women, and Children. (URID) imprints a unique identity on your clothes, accessories, or gifts.

We converge to shape modest fashion of outfits, accessories, and gifts in various colors, focusing on design elements inspired by Arabic calligraphy, high-end quality, and humble guise at affordable prices.

URID is a retail e-commerce industry, located in Melbourne, Australia that empowers the communities of young and adult people who like to choose unique art and values that reflect their ethical and friendly lifestyle (ID).


“Identity is woven into every aspect of our wears and accessories.”

As your footprints follow your body, your unique piece of cloth walks aligned with your preferences and beliefs.

URID presents sophisticated designs for modern practical day to day clothing that carry out a meaning.

To build a community of people interested in Arabic calligraphy designs of apparels (outfits, accessories, or gifts) and keep them up to date as possible with calligraphy art that reflects the love and peaceful meanings through letters, words, and quotes.

We create valuable ethics or meanings through simple; however, delightful letters, words, or quotes that show the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy and reflect our art through inspiring stories.


“Your view of beauty is at your fingertips.”

Australia is the perfect place to express the DNA of your unique identity (ID), where different cultures are being fused, and trends are being set here.

We are blessed to be able to capture the vibrancy and richness of this thriving country and redefine how aesthetics and modesty are expressed through our fashion that carries out humble identity.

Our vision is to make everyone in Australia and globally in the future love a fantastic fashion and gifts affair that we design through Arabic calligraphy.


“Through honest deals, true and loving relationships.”

Here we thought to knit the aesthetics and the beauty of Arabic calligraphy designs and oriental culture stamp onto your clothing and accessories to express our fond designs with others who walk around you.

We print a story on your wear. It narrates your identity (URID). Here’s how:

    • By merging Arabic calligraphy designs into vital outfits, accessories, and gifts that have a meaning.
    • Printing them in a timeless method on your textile identity.
    • Making them affordable in our online marketplace for people who believe in DIVERSITY and like VARIATION.
    • Then, investing our high-quality textile and dedicated art in spreading your identity through our vision.


“In the era of spreading peace is mandatory.”

(URID) humble beginnings started in 2017 as a family business to be grown by leaps and bounds along the way to present valuable modest fashion, accessories, and gifts for kids, teenagers, youth, men, and women based on a bright and meaningful identity.

URID family believes everybody disseminates a message through the wear of their preferences of art, colors, and even values that express their concept of life meaning!